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“Night Flight” is a VSTi plug-in for the Windows platform emulating the analogue string ensemble keyboards invented in the early seventies. String machines have been widely used in Pop, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Soul, and Disco music throughout the seventies and up to the early eighties when they were popular with New Wave acts. In recent years the sound has stirred interest again due to it's distinct character and undeniable vintage charm.

“Night Flight” does not use any samples. It is based on an emulation of the ensemble effect first used by Eminent / Solina back in 1972 and an organ-like sound generation (octave divider). You will also find a number of features inspired by other string machines like the 3 band equalizer from the Crumar Performer or the Envelope Filter on the very rare ARP String Synthesizer. Besides the clearly laid out main panel there are 6 sub panels giving access to a large number of under-the-hood parameters like filter and amplifier modulations, ADSR, LFO, keyboard split points, equalizer automation and two additional simultaneous ensemble effects for even thicker pad sounds. Finally there is an onboard effect section providing the typical phasing and delay effects which are essential for some of the best known string machine timbres.

Plugin format: VST2 32-bit for Windows
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Screen Shots
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VCA panel
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LFO + FILTER panel
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  • 3 Oscillators (8 waveforms, pulse width control)
  • Up to three simultaneous ensemble effects modelled on the eminent/solina architecture. Full access to the internal parameters of the ensemble effects.
  • Optional divide-down mode featuring organ style phase-locked octaves
  • 3-Band Equalizer: Each band can be configured and automated via the LFO
  • Filter: 5 modes (LP2, LP4, BP, HP2, HP4), resonance, cutoff modulation via ADSR envelope, LFO, velocity or keyfollow
  • Amplifier section:
    - Attack and Release. Decay and Sustain are available as under-the-hood parameters.
    - For each oscillator a simple organ envelope can be selected as an alternative to the ADSR envelope.
  • 1 LFO routable to pitch (vibrato), Filter cutoff or equalizer automation. Optional note sync.
  • Selectable keyboard split points for bass and string footages
  • Effects section:
    - phaser (two models) + delay/echo
    - configurable effect routing
Sound Examples
Presets used:
vintage: Eminent 310
vintage: Black Soul
vintage: Saw Phased 2
vintage: Spying Glass
vintage: extra vint saw
pad: Dual Ensemble
pad: Filtered
Presets used:
vintage: Oxy pt. I
vintage: Oxy chords
Presets used:
pad: Pulsepad
synth: The Wobble
Presets used:
pad: Wide Pad
pad: Wide Pad Phased
bass: Saw Filter
vintage: Spying Glass
vintage: Spying Glass 2
synth: One Shot Vibra2
organ: Glassy Lez
Presets used:
pad: Saw Pad
bass: Thumbed
vintage: extra vint2
synth: noise fx2
synth: brassy2
synth: Funky Worm
synth: Funky Swell
Here are a few user statements taken from a discussion at KVRaudio following the release day:

"Sounds great, looks great. Bought."

"What a gem this is! I'm so glad I stumbled on it
Great sound with plenty of character. Just the right balance
of versatility and simplicity. I love it! The keyboard
splits are a brilliant idea too!"

"For many years I was looking for the perfect
Jean Michel Jarre strings.
With Night flight I got it. Fantastic sound!!!"

"It can do smooth and laid back, but it also does raw
and cutting. Instant Manasseh, Jah Shaka etc.
And really loving the gui. The manual is a nice read too.
Made with love."

"thank you! bought!"

"Sounds great"

"Yes, initially I did not want to buy it, but then I got some
very nice patches within so little time that I thought, why not?
Sure, I got other synths and effects that could in theory do the
same thing together, but it would be so much more work.
Your synth just appeals to me."

"It can sound really lush and doesn't even consume much CPU."

See the entire discussion at www.kvraudio.com..
  • User Manual (pdf, 1 MB)
  • Nightflight VSTi Demo Version (zip file, 4.8 MB)
    Demo limitation: A short moment of silence is inserted once in a while. Apart from that the demo version is fully functional.
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